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e-Waybill is an electronic waybill required to be generated on e-Waybill Portal for the movement of goods. India Compliance offers multiple ways to manage your e-Waybill compliance.

You can generate the e-Waybill using the bulk generation facility or the APIs.


e-Waybill Generation Using API

  • On submitting the sales invoice, e-Waybill shall be automatically generated (if enabled in settings).
  • You can manually trigger the generation of an e-Waybill for Delivery Note or where all fields were not present (on submit).

Go to the e-Waybill menu --> Generate dialog --> Update fields and click Generate.

Generating e-Waybill on Submit

How would I know if only Part A of the e-Waybill will be generated?

Dialog for Generate e-Waybill fields has separate sections for Part A and Part B. Also, the Primary Action button will denote if only Part A can be generated.

How to auto calculate the distance for e-Waybill?

If the distance is set to zero (0), e-Waybill Portal will suggest the distance between postal codes. We shall update it to your document where e-Waybill is generated using the APIs.

In some exceptional circumstances, where the distance between postal codes is unavailable with the e-Waybill database, you shall receive a prompt. Generate the e-Waybill again after entering the distance as per your estimate.

Update Transporter Details


Updating or cancelling e-Waybill is possible only within the validity period. These options will be visible only if you have generated the e-Waybill using API and the validity to do so has not expired.

Use this feature to update the GSTIN of the transporter to your e-Waybill.

From e-Waybill menu --> Select Update Transporter --> Update appropriate information and click update.

Update Transporter

Update Vehicle Information

Use this feature to update the vehicle information (say, vehicle number) to your e-Waybill.

From e-Waybill menu --> Select Update Vehicle Info --> Update information in dialog and click update.

There is a checkbox in the dialogs above for Update e-Waybill Print/Data. If you check this, we shall update the attachments of the e-Waybill or Data concerning the e-Waybill as per your preference from GST settings for e-Waybill. If Attach e-Waybill Print After Generation is enabled from GST Settings, new attachments will replace old attachments.

Update Vehicle Info

Extend e-Waybill Validity

The validity of e-Waybill can be extended between 8 hours before expiry time and 8 hours after expiry time. From the e-Waybill menu, Click on "Extend Validity". In the dialog box, enter the required details, specify the reason for the extensions and click Extend to extend the validity of the e-Waybill.

  1. click on "Extend Validity"
  2. Update the required details in the dialog box.

Extend e-Waybill Validity

You can use this to print an e-Waybill if you prefer not to have attachments. It works similarly to printing any other document in ERPNext. It will redirect you to the respective e-Waybill log print and fetch the latest e-Waybill data (from the NIC Portal) for printing if it's not available.

Attach e-Waybill

It is a manual trigger to attach an e-Waybill to a Sales Invoice. A new attachment will replace the old attachment if present.

Cancel e-Waybill

If within validity, you shall be allowed to cancel the e-Waybill.
From the e-Waybill menu, Cancel e-Waybill. In the cancellation dialog, Specify the reason for cancelling and click cancel to cancel the e-Waybill.

While you cancel the e-Waybill, the attachment of the old e-Waybill, shall be removed.

Cancel e-Waybill

e-Waybill Logs

In this DocType, e-Waybill history is maintained. It will be created in the background once you generate an e-Waybill using the APIs. Any further updates to e-Waybill are added here as a comment.

E-waybill Log

Updated Log

E-waybill Log Update

Bulk e-Waybill Generation

e-Waybills can be generated in bulk in two ways.

  1. Generate e-Waybill JSON
  2. Enqueue Bulk e-Waybill Generation

1. Generate e-Waybill JSON and Upload it to GSP Portal

  • Select the documents from the Sales Invoice List for which you want to generate an e-Waybill JSON.
  • Click Actions --> Generate e-Waybill JSON
  • Login to your e-Waybill Account --> Select Generate Bulk e-Waybill --> Choose the JSON file and upload it --> Click Generate.
  • e-Waybill shall be generated --> Update the e-Waybill number in your Sales Invoice / Delivery Note.

2. Enqueue Bulk e-Waybill Generation

  • Update the documents with Transporter details for which you want to generate e-Waybills in bulk.
  • Select the documents from the list view, and from actions click on to option "Enqueue Bulk e-Waybill Generation".
  • e-Waybills will be enqueued for the selected documents.

Bulk Generate e-Waybill

e-Waybill JSON Genration

Steps to generate e-Waybill JSON for a single document

  • Submit the relevant document(say Sales Invoice).
  • If e-Waybill is applicable for the current document, you shall see the e-Waybill menu --> Select Generate.
  • Generate e-Waybill dialog box shall appear.
  • Update the transport fields and Download JSON.
  • Login to your e-Waybill Account --> Select Generate Bulk e-Waybill --> Choose the JSON file and upload it --> Click Generate.
  • e-Waybill shall be generated --> Update the e-Waybill number in your Sales Invoice / Delivery Note.

Generate e-Waybill from JSON


You shall not be able to update transport fields while you download e-Waybill JSON from the Sales Invoice List.