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Sandbox for India Compliance

How to set up sandbox?

Sandbox comes pre-configured with credentials. Sandbox can be enabled from your site configuration as below.

  • Enable Use API in Sandbox Mode? from GST Settings.

  • You must be logged in to your India Compliance Account to use the sandbox. However, any use of API calls for sandbox will not be billed.

Sandbox Mode


ic_api_sandbox_modeconfig is now deprecated and setting this config will no longer have any effect. Your existing settings in site_config.json will be ported to the new API section in GST Settings.

Sandbox for e-Waybill

A lot of functionality has been developed around e-Waybill, and you may test it out in the Sandbox mode as you like with the following restrictions (for sandbox only):

  • Although the distance is auto-populated for live APIs, it's not the same for the sandbox. So you may need to give a dummy distance between 1 to 4000 km.
  • Use 05AAACG2140A1ZL as transporter GSTIN if required.
  • You can use all other functionality, including print, attach, update, extend or cancel to test the APIs.

Sandbox for e-Invoice

You can test e-Invoice and its interaction with e-Waybill with the following restrictions (for sandbox only):

  • You shall not be able to print or attach an e-Waybill print. This is not possible as APIs are different with different user credentials.
  • You will not be able to update the transporter or vehicle information from the sandbox.
  • Other than this, you can test the generation or cancellation of e-Invoice & e-Waybills.

Sandbox for Public APIs

Please note that Public APIs are not supported in the sandbox mode.