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Migration Guide

Item Tax Templates

Applicable from v14.21.0 and v15.2.0

Item Tax Templates have been enhanced to have a wider scope.


Following breaking change is introduced to simplify setup, reduce errors, and better visibility in transactions.

  • Introduced GST Details in all transactions. Learn more
  • Fields Depricated from Item; Is Nil Exempt and Is Non-GST. Instead GST Treatment is introduced in Item Tax Templates. Learn More
  • Splitting of Is Nil Exempt to Nil-Rated and Exepted
  • Patch: Items marked as Is Nil Exempt will be marked as Nil-Rated in Item Tax Templates. If this is not acceptable for a few items, you should manually update your configuration as required.

Best approach to manually update: Update HSN Taxes >> Update taxes for Items >> This will update item tax templates for your items.

Update HSN Taxes